Who is Revvl™ RESTORE for?

Revvl™ RESTORE designed for everyone who is dealing with symptoms of chronic stress.  We  have a positive impact on those dealing with anxiety, sleeplessness, and physical tension caused by stress.  Users have also experienced improvements in digestive health, blood pressure regulation and brain fog.

What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is a body at rest or balance. When a body is at rest, it’s in a state to heal itself. According to science, homeostasis is physiological balance. Chemical. Physical. Emotional. A person’s ability to maintain internal stability compensating for environmental changes. A dynamic equilibrium.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the body’s ability to adapt to stress and recover from it quickly. Science shows that the faster you’re able to snapback from stressors [physical, chemical, & emotional] the more resilient your body is. The more resilient or tougher your body is, the more resistant you are in face of sickness, disease, and aging.

What is an adaptogen? How do they work in my body?

Adaptogens are naturally-occurring herbs that help bodies to recover quickly from stress and develop physiological toughness. Adaptogens are not classified as depressants (e.g. alcohol) or stimulants (e.g. caffeine), they act like a thermostat in the body - stimulating homeostasis so that the body can begin balancing itself.

How do I know if Revvl™ RESTORE is working?

Some people are more sensitive to the effects of adaptogens on their body or see immediate symptom relief, while other take a bit longer. We recommend taking Revvl™ RESTORE for 2-4 weeks fore more stubborn effects of stress. Adjusting dosages can speed up effects. We’ve also had some people that have been taking Revvl™ RESTORE on an on going basis, take a break and realize the benefits they were experiencing.

Where do your ingredients come from?

Our adaptogens are sourced from their natural habitat in India (ashwagandha) and Asia (cordyceps & rhodiola). Our formulating lab is located in Georgia. Our ashwagandha is a patented formula that incorporates both the leaf and root, which is not typical of ashwagandha products on the market, and is believed to make ours 10x more effective.

What does Ashwagandha do?
  • Our ashwagandha is unique and powerful with the highest bioavailability on the market due to leaf and root composition.
  • Soothes everyday stress
  • Reduces Cortisol levels burning fat at cellular level
  • Produces a calming effect on anxiety
  • Natural pain reliever; preventing pain signals from being delivered to the nervous system
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Heart Health. Lowers blood pressure and reduces LDL cholesterol.
What does Rhodiola do?
  • Increases Brain Health by boosting dopamine and serotonin sensitivity which improves mood, memory, focus and pleasure.
  • Increases body’s sensitivity to insulin to use sugar more effectively  
  • Decreases belly fat
  • Increases energy
  • Boost Immune System against disease and illness [Beta-D-Glucans]
  • Promotes Respiratory Health by reducing airway inflammation [great for Asthma]
  • Improves Stamina by increasing the body’s ability to absorb and use oxygen
  • Increases Energy by boosting body’s ATP supply
  • Supports Liver Detoxification at the cellular level
  • Improves Fertility by increasing blood flow and decreasing impotence
  • Promotes a balanced digestive system
  • Balances Blood Sugar
Why these three ingredients?

We chose these three adaptogens due to their compounding effects and ability to work synergistically together to positively affect all eleven systems in the body. All three work together as natural COX 2 inhibitors to block pain pathways. They also team up to reduce cortisol levels which reduce inflammation. We use extracts to get the most potent product in a capsule.

Does Revvl™ RESTORE contain caffeine?

Adaptogens are not classified as depressants (e.g. alcohol) or stimulants (e.g. caffeine). They act like a thermostat in the body - stimulating homeostasis so that it can begin balancing itself. When your body is in balance, healthy energy levels return and brain fog disappear.

Does Revvl™ RESTORE have melatonin?

No. Revvl™ RESTORE does not contain melatonin, but does have a positive impact on the body’s circadian rhythm. This leads to better quality sleep without creating dependency. We recommend avoiding the continued use of melatonin supplement because your body will rely on the supplementation instead of natural production. [With overuse of melatonin, the body will stop making it]

Does Revvl™ RESTORE contain Shell Fish contamination?

We do not use any ingredients that would yield a shellfish allergen in our formula, but it is manufactured / packaged in a facility that also produces products that do contain shellfish. However, we have strict quality checkpoints and cleaning programs are in place to help prevent any cross contamination throughout our facility.

I have a mushroom allergy. Can I use Revvl™ RESTORE or any of the other Revvl Health™ products?

No, we do not recommend taking Revvl™ RESTORE or any of the associated Revvl Health™ products if you have a mushroom allergy.  Sinensis is an annual Ascomycetes fungus closely related to the mushroom. Although not actually a mushroom taxonomically, it has been described as an exotic medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.  *see this NCBI study

Are your products organic?

Revvl™ RESTORE is not certified organic, due the nature of the ingredients.  We do use the highest quality herbs & extracts available. Our formula is produced in a GNP certified lab with 3rd party testing.  Our ingredients are guaranteed to be pure and potent.  Our goal is to empower the body to be a detoxifier; it gives us grace when our environment doesn’t.

Is Revvl™ RESTORE FDA approved?

The FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. However our label meets FDA guidelines.

Can I take Revvl™ RESTORE every day or do I need a break?

Revvl™ RESTORE was developed to be used as an everyday supplement.

Our Label
  • Hexane Free Processing
  • GMP Certified
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
Is Revvl™ RESTORE safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?

We generally don’t recommend the ongoing use of any herbs or herbal teas during pregnancy. Women at high risk for developing PPD can begin the use of adaptogens in the days or weeks after birth to improve the ability to handle stress, withstand sleep deprivation, and also to improve nonspecific resistance. Ashwagandha may have anxiolytic [used to reduce anxiety] activity.

Can I take Revvl™ RESTORE if I’m trying to get pregnant?

100% - Cortisol is regulated… so progesterone can do its job.

Can I take Revvl™ RESTORE while nursing?


Is Revvl™ RESTORE safe for children?

Revvl™ RESTORE capsules are adult dosages. If children experience ongoing stress, adaptogens will aid their body systems in adapting and minimizing negative effects of stress.

Safe for diabetics?

Revvl™ RESTORE helps regulate blood sugar through maintaining normal blood cortisol levels. When the body is in a state of homeostasis and rest, cortisol levels remain at normal levels throughout the day. Those constantly dealing with stress, however, are known to have sustained increased blood cortisol. As a result, cortisol signals for the conversion of glycogen to glucose and blood sugar raises. chronically continued, the pancreas burns out from attempting to regulate constantly elevated blood sugar levels, and diabetes is often the diagnosis that follows.

Can I replace my Xanax or Ativan with Revvl™ RESTORE?

We recommend consulting with your physician(s) before making any adjustments to your prescribed medication(s). However Revvl™ RESTORE can be taken in conjunction with these medications without any known side effects.

What is the difference between Revvl™ RESTORE and Adderall?

Adderall is a prescribed stimulant and synthetic replacement for the neurotransmitter dopamine, that increases focus, but leaves the body dependent and unbalanced.  It also comes with a host of side effects.  Revvl™ RESTORE is a natural substance that when consumed acts like an internal thermostat in the body, giving it the balance it needs.

Does Revvl™ RESTORE help with anxiety and panic attacks? 

There is plenty of research to support that adaptogens do indeed help people deal with the physical and mental feelings of anxiety, yes. Also, because anxiety and panic attacks are similar in their physiological onset, we are confident that the adaptogenic herbs found in Revvl™ RESTORE can help individuals dealing with panic attacks, as well. This being said, we always recommend consulting with your physician(s) before making any adjustments to prescribed medication(s). Revvl™ RESTORE is an all-natural product that can be taken in conjunction with most medications without any known side effects.