Our Mission:

Stress Less, Revvl More.

Our Mission

At Revvl Health, our mission is simple: to help you stress less and live more fully in tune with God’s direction for your life. We offer adaptogenic and botanical supplements and lifestyle content that support men and women everywhere in achieving better, more holistic health. Our focus is on the natural strength of "God's garden," the importance of a supportive community that loves you and also holds you accountable, and faith as a cornerstone of overall well-being. We’re here to love, guide, support, and empower you to find your healthiest self – mind, body, and soul – even in the chaos of today’s fast-paced world.

Our hope at Revvl Health is to support you and your family in experiencing the most that life has to offer. We are on a mission to "Stress Less and Revvl More" – which includes teaching our community how to live to their full health potential.

Our Vision

Our vision at Revvl Health is to lead the way in holistic health, making it easier for everyone to manage stress naturally and embrace wellness – physically, biologically, and spiritually. We imagine a future where Revvl Health is a key player in a global shift towards integrating various healing practices—like botanical supplements, healthy lifestyle choices, physical therapies and exercise, community support, and spiritual growth. This approach will create a simple and unified path to wellness, helping everyone to thrive in their life’s journey, supported by faith, community support, and the healing power of nature. We aim to make holistic health accessible, inspiring a movement that values the whole person – not their sickness or ailments.

Meet our team of passionate founders.

Inspired by the needs of friends and family struggling with the pains, habits, and lifestyle that comes with high levels of stress, the founders of Revvl Health are dedicated to providing families with the tools to not only survive, but thrive in the midst of stress.

Olivia Holt

Founder & Creative

Tisha Wright

Founder & Operator

Tim Scott

Founder & Advisor

Gary Bekker

Founder & Advisor